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#1 2008-04-25 14:03:25

Registered: 2008-04-25
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How do i sanitize/treat wild turkey feathers

This morning my wife and i took a walk in grand river country between Inverhaugh and West Montrose. We came across 3 hunters and a conservation officer ( who was checking for tags and to make sure the 2 turkeys they killed were males). This was the first time my wife and i had seen a wild turkey. They were magnificent to say the least. We asked if they wouldn't mind if we watched the birds being cleaned and they welcomed our company. As the birds were being cleaned itold the hunters i was an avid fly tyer and fisherman and if they had no use for the tail feathers and wing feathers i would glady take them. Not only did they give me all the feathers , they offered me all the wood duck feathers , partridge , grouse and other game bird feathers they had saved at their homes, what a score! After giving them my phone# and humbly thanking them we went on our way. So to finally get to my question , how do i sanitize/treat these feathers to rid them of any mites or parasites so that i can safely bring them into my home and add them to my bench without contaminating or destroying my other materials?

I used to be indesisive, now I'm just not so sure......



#2 2008-04-25 15:11:37

From: Geulph Ontario
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Re: How do i sanitize/treat wild turkey feathers

I do the same. The best way and easiest to sanitize is to give them a light wash and dry then put them in a freezer for a couple days take them out thaw them then put them back in the freezer for a couple more days. Any parasites or bugs and eggs will be dead.

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